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Physics generates fundamental knowledge of the world around us and is used for the technological advances – these are two sources of the human progress.


Improbable life

Do aliens exist? What are the chances of finding another civilization or any life form for that matter on another planet? I am skeptical. The Universe exists 13.5 billion years, while our civilization was born just a short moment ago by comparison.

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The droplets-particle move in a circle

Quantum physics for children

Quantum physics looks strange because we do not encounter anything like its effects in our everyday life. But these experiments change the situation. If we observed such behavior every day, we would not consider quantum physics strange.

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John von Neumann in the 1940s.

Quantum will

Quantum physics theory works successfully almost a hundred years already. But does it describes reality? Its “mysteries” and paradoxes excite our fantasy and desire to use them to explain all the not understood yet phenomena and conrtradictions.

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Richard Feynman

Quantum magic

Quantum physics is different from the classical one and surrounded by many myths, one of which is that it is not understandable, which is not true. The source of the problem and its resolution are in what “understandable” means.

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Bartini Beriev VVA-14

Bartini, little known genius

Roberto Oros di Bartini  was a genius. The only difference between him and a few well known greatest scientists of all times is that his name is familiar only to the specialists in the aviation industry, due to many specific reasons. First, as a young Italian communist, he probably worked for Russian intelligence. Second, after […]

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