Dark matter and dark energy
Dark matter and dark energy.

Book Dark Matter (the fourth in the Crater Series) is in the process of writing.

Dark matter keeps the Universe together despite the breaking power of the dark energy that tears the galaxies apart at the accelerating speed. Similar, in our society the uniting power of cooperation and trust keep us together despite the primordial struggle for the individual survival that pulls the society apart.

Leading capitalist ideology identifies this struggle as the engine that moves the progress and creates better life for the participants, even to the losers (the notorious “trickle-down economics” theory). Meanwhile, the peaceful cooperation proved to be more productive if not the single source of modern prosperity.

Majority of society consists of honest hard working people. But one rarely sees them glorified by the media. Power struggle, cruelty, and greed are the main subjects of the news and movies today. Honesty is not fashionable, although honesty-based trust is the foundation of the social unity and productive cooperation, and honest hard working people are true heroes and keepers of the humanity.

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