The stories listed here are glimpses into the life of the characters in the Crater Series before the USSR dissolved in 1991, and the world they were used to disappeared forever. The smithereens of that lost world still sparkle in the dirt that absorbed it. I will dig them up one by one and recall the images of our life before 1992.

The working title of the collection – Before Unexpected Trouble – reflects our state of mind at that time. Many of us hoped that our life would become better. Some of us were afraid that it would not end well. But nobody expected the catastrophy that actually happened. We lived assuming that our world would remain basically the same for the rest of our days and did not expect such big trouble.

Rock Morcheka, Crimea. The characters of the story are climbing it.

Rock Morcheka, Crimea. Image source

Climbing Morcheka

Two friends decided to climb a moderate route on the famous rock Morcheka in Crimea. The circumstances though forced them to change their plan and turned the seemingly benign ascent into a test of not just their climbing skills but also their endurance and their character. The time is the early 1980s – the height of the Era of Stagnation.

The story closely follows the real events, but the names and facts have been slightly changed in order to provide for more creative freedom. Read the story.

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