Russia, Ukraine, Crimea, England, Germany, Spain, USA – each has its place in my heart.

They were part of my life. They became part of me. Many our friends live there.

On this page I will keep related records and associations.


Friends. Image from here

How big is Siberia

How big is Siberia?
Area: 5 mln sq mi (USA: 3.8 mln)
Population (2010): 40 mln (USA: 309 mln)
Density: 8 / sq mi (USA: 82 / sq mi)
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Farmers. Image from here

The documentary I liked – about life of trappers in Siberia (I watched it on Netflix) – Happy People
The longer version can be watched also on youtube: SpringSummerAutumnWinter

Germany. 1945

Germany. 1945

We were allies during the last big war. Americans fought too and supplied a lot of food and material that helped Red Army to fight German fascism. The famous rocket launcher Katyusha was mounted on Studebaker US6 truck, which had critical advantage over many German transports, because it was able to perform on a heavy terrain in all seasons.

That war brought up a lot of tragedy and amazing heroism among Russians, as well as among American boys. I used to think that Russians alone won it. Later I learned that many Americans still today underestimate Russian contribution. So, I collected 14 pictures about two amazing war episodes, one in Stalingrad, another at Pointe du Hoc during the D-Day. Although the latter is smaller in duration and casualties, I imagine myself storming those cliffs, and that fight does not feel small anymore. Two thirds of the troops were killed or wounded on the cliffs. Here is the link to this page.

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