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An American in the Red Army

An American in the Red Army? Russian war correspondents of WWII could not believe their eyes. And yet, it was true. Nicholas Burlak not only fought along with his Russian friends, he even went all the way from Stalingrad to Berlin.

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Adam Smith without myths (Smith 4/4)

We used to refer to Adam Smith as a “capitalism founder” and the inventor of “invisible hand” as a synonym of “free market.” Both references came from a myth, created by those who wanted to justify the existence and development of the unfair competition in a market “free” from any supervision of society, given to […]

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In plain site

In plain sight

The business-style leadership becomes cynical if pushed too far. Not everything is just a business. Integrity and trust matter. Without them, the society falls apart. Those cold-headed-and-calculating cynics are free riders on the back of the honest majority. But they will go under as everybody else as soon as the invisible soft social infrastructure cracks.

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Caravan of progress goes on

Progress continues, although it is so easy to lose the perspective in the information noise and the multitudes of opinions. Especially striking is the difference between the presentation in the media and the actual process of decision making inside the government behind the closed doors.

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