The reason I have started to write Crater was the desire to express the worldview of those, who seek not riches or power, but the understanding of the world and the place of the human being in it. Such people live in certain social isolation. Their world looks artificial and removed from the survival struggle. Yet, they inevitably have to deal with the life’s realities, like many other people do. They have to sell the results of their labor either themselves or with the help of those with better social skills. Can it be done differently? Can one be a creator and a seller at the same time?

Another set of questions that interest me are: Can science solve all problems? What is the contributing role of business in a social development? How one finds the purpose and the meaning of his life? Attempts to answer these and similar questions also brought me to this project.

The first book Crater is already published.

A group of young scientists and a few their friends, some with special military training, decided to investigate the Patomskiy crater, located in the middle of Siberia – just northeast of the Lake Baikal, on the border between the main Russian gold mining region and diamond fields of Yakutia. They hoped to have a nice and interesting break from the grim routine of their lives before the declining economy would render such trips not affordable anymore.

What they actually encountered was far from the easy and exciting journey. It changed their lives in a way only tragedy could. The described crater is real. You can see its picture and the images from that area of Siberia with some other related facts on this page.

The book Crater you can buy on Amazon or get it free by subscribing to the newsletter.

The second book Center is published, too. You can buy it on Amazon, for example. I also send it chapter by chapter to the subscribers of the news.

In this book, Yegor Koshkin – the protagonist of Crater – radically changes his life both professionally and in private matters. He goes through challenges, and his friends are helping him as they come together again in the same area in Siberia for a rescue mission.

In this book, the reader dives deeper into the world of the characters introduced in Crater. They live in a rapidly changing world of post-Soviet Russia, when inflation went up beyond 2,000% (yes, my dear reader, it is two thousand percent, we lost everything that year). But life is going on, which means that hope and love are flourishing and provide respite from the grim reality.

The images and facts that serve as the backgroud for the book can be found on this page.

Book Diamonds. Possible cover.
Book Diamonds. Possible cover.

The third book Diamonds is written and translated to English, but an eidtor did not finish working on it yet.

In this book the same characters, soon after the events of Center, are defining a new worthy goal of their life. This goal is related to the crater and bears a hope to change for better not only the life of the local people, but the life of the humanity at large.

The action moving plot is centered around diamonds prospecting. But the main focus is on the discovery of the true nature of the crater’s influence on people. Unfortunately, Russian leaders are more concerned with their own enrichment than utulizing the discovery for the benefits of the country, and Yegor gets into a serious trouble with no fault of his.

Some materials, collected in the course of the writing of this book, are presented on this page.

Dark matter and dark energy
Dark matter and dark energy.

The fourth book Dark Matter is in the process of writing.

Dark matter keeps the Universe together despite the breaking power of the dark energy that tears the galaxies apart at the accelerating speed. Similar, in our society the uniting power of cooperation and trust keep us together despite the primordial struggle for the individual survival that pulls the society apart.

Leading capitalist ideology identifies this struggle as the engine that moves the progress and creates better life for the participants, even to the losers (the notorious “trickle-down economics” theory). Meanwhile, the peaceful cooperation proved to be more productive if not the single source of modern prosperity.

Majority of society consists of honest hard working people. But one rarely sees them glorified by the media. Power struggle, cruelty, and greed are the main subjects of the news and movies today. Honesty is not fashionable, although honesty-based trust is the foundation of the social unity and productive cooperation, and honest hard working people are true heroes and keepers of the humanity.

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