The background information for the book Diamonds, the third book of the Crater Series. The page is under construction.

Tanks before Russian White house

Tanks before Russian White house on October 4, 1993. Image source

The Russian constitutional crisis of 1993 resulted in the ten-day conflict that became the deadliest single event of street fighting in Moscow’s history since the Russian Revolution 1917. According to government estimates, 187 people were killed and 437 wounded, while estimates from non-governmental sources put the death toll at as high as 2,000.

The crisis started on September 21, 1993, when President Yeltsin aimed to dissolve the country’s legislature (the Congress of People’s Deputies and its Supreme Soviet), although the president did not have the power to dissolve the parliament according to the constitution. Yeltsin used the results of the referendum of April 1993 to justify his actions. In response, the parliament declared that the president’s decision was null and void, impeached Yeltsin and proclaimed vice president Aleksandr Rutskoy to be acting president.

Twenty years later, however, Russians have a different opinion on the issue as only 17 percent of citizens approve of the president’s actions and as many as 69 percent – have a negative opinion.

Fording the highway

Fording the highway. Image source

Here will be info about Lake Baikal area, diamonds, Genghis Khan, and uranium mines.

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