Book Center. The cover version
Book Center. Buy it on Amazon.

Book Center (the second in the Crater Series) is published. You can buy it on Amazon, for example. I also send it chapter by chapter to the subscribers of the news.

In this book, Yegor Koshkin – the protagonist of Crater – radically changes his life both professionally and in private matters. He goes through challenges, and his friends are helping him as they come together again in the same area in Siberia for a rescue mission.

In this book, the reader dives deeper into the world of the characters introduced in Crater. They live in a rapidly changing world of post-Soviet Russia, when inflation went up beyond 2,000% (yes, my dear reader, it is two thousand percent, we lost everything that year). But life is going on, which means that hope and love are flourishing and provide respite from the grim reality.

The images and facts that serve as the backgroud for the book can be found on this page.

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