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Let us try to peek into the future. Its seeds are already planted. And even sprouts are already growing. Let us try to notice them and prepare ourselves to their full maturity.


Bitnation – another great hope?

Bitnation is another hope to overcome the historically formed unfairness of the resources distribution between nations. Now everyone can create their own nation, register citizens and provide them with passports, birth certificates and other traditionally state papers.

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Improbable life

Do aliens exist? What are the chances of finding another civilization or any life form for that matter on another planet? I am skeptical. The Universe exists 13.5 billion years, while our civilization was born just a short moment ago by comparison.

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I understand you

I understand you

We understand each other, including the intentions and the feeling of others. How we do it? What makes us feel the same way? The scientists discovered that there are specialized neurons that are activated in primates when they observe actions of others.

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Download skill

Download new skill, please

Skill downloading or acquiring it any other easy way was always a dream for humanity. Today it takes many hours and even years of training with the result far from being guaranteed. Besides, while the training going on, our motivation changes, we ourselves are changing, often unpredictably.

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Garry Kasparov, left, gives up in defeat against IBM's chess playing computer.

Power of focus

Focus on the goal is a powerful tool that helps to overcome insurmountable obstacles. But one has to be smart enough to see the limits of the approach and adjust the course or roll back the effort at all. Ability to do it is called wisdom.

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Bill Gates. July, 2014

Bill Gates predicts

Bill Gates is worth listening. He is smart and has access to the best sources of information. He also does a lot for the humanity and does what he can to secure the great future for our children and greatchildren.

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Ageing is a warm gun

The aging gets us every second, but we still do not quite know what causes it or, better to say, there is no one prevailing view. But we are trying to figure it out and recently have developed several new practical approaches.

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Tarantula - symbol of fear.

Pill against fear

Magic pill. It does what countless hours of traditional treatment could not achieve – relieves a patient from a fear of his own memory about a terrifying event. The trick is to administer it at the right moment.

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Parents are fighting

Einstein, please.

Genes are playing a definite and now measurable role in the academic achievements. Today it is possible to predict already which child would need what kind of help in the school.

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