Book Diamonds. Possible cover.
Book Diamonds. Possible cover.

Book Diamonds (the third in the Crater Series) is written and translated to English, but an editor did not finish working on it yet.

In this book the same characters, soon after the events of Center, are defining a new worthy goal of their life. This goal is related to the crater and bears a hope to change for better not only the life of the local people, but the life of the humanity at large.

The action moving plot is centered around diamonds prospecting. But the main focus is on the discovery of the true nature of the crater’s influence on people. Unfortunately, Russian leaders are more concerned with their own enrichment than utulizing the discovery for the benefits of the country, and Yegor gets into a serious trouble with no fault of his.

Some materials, collected in the course of the writing of this book, are presented on this page.

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