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We perceive the same events differently and build slightly different world models, which in turn influence our perception.



As any outstanding human achievement, Beatles have as many facets as many faces their audience has. Everybody finds something personal in their music. For me, it is a breath of fresh air that fills me with the sense of freedom.

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Assumptions got us again

If you are stuck on seemingly something simple, the problem is not where you are looking but in your assumptions. Take a break and walk away until the brains stop spinning the same logical chain. The moment they do, you are able to revisit your assumptions and check if they are true.

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Andrei Tarkovsky

Andrei Tarkovsky

Tarkovsky overwhelms the viewer. He may even frighten by the depth of his vision. But not everybody shares his worldview. Tarkovsky looks for a kindred spirit, not for the followers. His quest is to create together.

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Lost time is found

There is a feeling that we have lost time, that we do not have time for anything anymore. In my case, I thought, it was because of the reading too many emails and news on the Internet.

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Improbable life

Do aliens exist? What are the chances of finding another civilization or any life form for that matter on another planet? I am skeptical. The Universe exists 13.5 billion years, while our civilization was born just a short moment ago by comparison.

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In plain site

In plain sight

The business-style leadership becomes cynical if pushed too far. Not everything is just a business. Integrity and trust matter. Without them, the society falls apart. Those cold-headed-and-calculating cynics are free riders on the back of the honest majority. But they will go under as everybody else as soon as the invisible soft social infrastructure cracks.

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